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Assuming Your Galactic Mission

Assuming Your Galactic Mission Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, the God rays that ray-diated the divine blueprints/ seed atoms for the Piscean Age have gradually diminished in power, for they are no longer receiving the sacred fire seed atoms of creator consciousness previously supplied primarily by the luminous frequencies of the sixth ray.

The major focus for humanity during the Age of Pisces was lower emotional nature. Humanity had emerged from the stupefying vibrational forces of the lower, instinctual animal/human nature whereby the focus was on scarcity, survival, and security.

In the past 500 years of the Piscean age, many of the more mature souls began to tap into powerful forces of the third chakra/physical solar power center. They began to concentrate on their earthly mental/human nature, developing their creative abilities on the physical plane of existence, and the acquisition of material goods became their major focus.