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When Love Is All

When Love Is All Swami Sachidananda through Carol Sydney

Greetings, fellow liberated souls! We have much to share this evening in the way of important matters that relate to your soul and its freedom from the imprisonment of dualistic living. Do you not find it easy to live in the way of the world? Do find it easier to live in the way of peace and harmony? It can be a very interesting choice—an awesome choice, you might say! We speak, of course, of the peace and harmony of your own soul as it aligns with the great divine being of love and eternity: God. There are so many names for this being: oneness, peace, divine giver of all things, and so forth. Use the title that suits you best and you will find peace in this. Peace is a process you know as long as you are connected and tied to duality. Peace is a state of oneness as long as you know yourself as a divine being. Which to choose? These ideas are not as common as you may think.

Choices are the rivers of the world. Many of them flow in different directions, but all indeed flow directly from the heart of God—the heart of the universe. Nothing that is connected to the world of peace flows from any other direction. Though you may see things in a different way in your linear thinking, I assure you—as do others who are with me now—there is only one heart of God in all of existence. The directional flow of energy into your being from the divine one is a good indicator of where your heart is right now. Choose for yourself, and find peace or find conflict. In peace there is no conflict.

A Divine Invitation

In aligning yourself with the heart of hearts, there is true peace. It lasts from eternity to eternity, from ocean to ocean, and envelops the world in its heart of white gold. There is no other like it. The white gold of God is everything that is—all that is love. This state of oneness, of connection to all things here, is monumental bliss. Yet in this bliss there is also peace. This is not peace as the linear world would choose it. In your thirddimensional world, there is only acquisition and a belief that if one buys and owns enough material objects, there is happiness. This is what your world believes is bliss and peace. Oh my children, how wrong can you be! Such is the toil of illusion; It can only lead to suffering. Pursuing a false path will lead the believer in material possessions to a place of self-rejection. This is truly a sad state of affairs.