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Shamanic Wisdom: Journey Through an Egyptian Portal

Shamanic Wisdom: Journey Through an Egyptian Portal Jan Engels-Smith

For me, 2012 is the year of actualized ascension. Ascension is greater awareness, the ability to hold higher frequencies of energy in the physical body, higher dimensional thought, and movement away from the old paradigms that left-brain logical analyses have created. We need to begin to use our right brain more deliberately to expand our thinking to a greater truth and new awareness of future possibilities.

We are all products of our environment. We have been toned down, repressed, shamed, criticized, and made small by the limited thinking of our modern age. I have certainly been affected by such thought, but my spiritual journey has shown me a way out of the Western culture's narrow thinking and the box in which we have all been placed. This journey has permitted my mind and heart to "see" the vastness of the things that my physical eyes are incapable of registering because they too were blinded by the influence of this culture.

Indigenous cultures have been known to say that Westerners can't see and are blocked by their limited thinking. Indigenous cultures believe that our realities are too small and that we do not realize our real potential. According to the spirits, we see less than 1 percent of what is actually around us. The shamanic lifestyle that I adapted years ago has chiseled away the walls of this prison cell, and finally I can comprehend the vastness of life and the presence of others who share the universe with us. I hope that this material will influence you to find freedom from the limitations of the left brain, to entertain and actualize your own ascension, and to be filled with awe that you live in such a state of ecstasy in this magical, mysterious, joyful, and alluring nature of life and what it offers to the human soul.