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The Real Journey to the Real You and Real Fulfillment

The Real Journey to the Real You and Real Fulfillment Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Greetings, beloved beings! Greetings to you! We are most pleased to be speaking with you in this manner once again. As you now enter into what could be called the real thing, the real journey, you are asking of yourself to—to what? This is the topic of our speaking together, beloved ones. Your real journey begins now that you have shed the past and are beginning to recognize the present, the real present moment, and all that unfolds for you within it. In this manner do we speak.

Knowing the Real You

The first ingredient within your journey is, of course, knowing the real you—that which you truly are once you have shed the persona of the past, once you have recognized what you are not and have turned to place yourself in the present moment, and once you have freed yourself of the past interpretations of that which flows forth to greet you. And you might be thinking that all of which we speak is most difficult, or that perhaps you are not quite ready to go forth into the real journey, or that perhaps you have not efforted enough to give to yourself the best benefit of today's journey. Yet we say to you, our beloved ones, that of which we speak has become a most natural manner of being for you, a natural manner of being that rested on your emergence from survival and all of its falsities.

You see, when you did emerge from the old sufferings, the old ways of being, you began to discern what was truly real and what was a fabricated interpretation. You automatically began to choose to let go of that which no longer served you. And much to your increasing joy, you began to discover that you had actually been freed from old fears and self-loathing. As you continued to uncover, to become more and more conscious of the old ways, you were not only astounded at what revealed itself to you, but you were also quick to release your grasp on that false security that once held you in an energy that you called safe.