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An Older Zeta Vehicle Creates an Unintended Effect

An Older Zeta Vehicle Creates an Unintended Effect Zeta Scientist through Robert Shapiro

Greetings. This photo represents an aftereffect of a transference of energy associated with a vehicle that moved from your world into another one. Sometimes such photographs are taken, and other times sensitives—your own people or other species on your planet—can see such a phenomenon. It is what could be called a portal, but the moment of illusion in the picture is one that shows the portal in motion. If I can describe it, the portal was actually underground when the vehicle moved through it. But the trailing energy was not entirely compatible with the portal, and the portal had to shift its position in order to reconstitute itself in a benevolent way so it could be used again. This is why there seems to be an emanation. The emanation is really the traversing of the portal from one position to another, at which time shortly thereafter this image was captured. The portal returned to its original position, several miles beneath the planet.

I am speaking to you because our vehicle was involved in this motion through the portal, and while I do not feel apologies are necessary, there is still a sense of explanation due. The vehicle was from a star system you have classified as Zeta II, and although we have not been on or near your planet for some time, we occasionally move deep within the planet in vehicles that can traverse through spaces at a slightly different focus of energy—you say dimension—in order to be able to check or confirm the status of certain situations that are associated with the past and the future, but not the present. As a result, great care must be taken so that your world is protected and your energy remains stable.

We do not visit your planet at this time in your present, but we continue to visit in your past and, to an extent, in the future. This is not something we do lightly or capriciously; we have been requested to do this in order to be certain that your traversing along your own path of destiny is not disrupted or corrupted by anything going on that is external to your planet— meaning any forms of contact with otherworldly beings. That contact is observable largely by your own technologies now in the present moment, but you do not have that capability for the past or the future. While we are not working with any forms of government or even private industry that may be contracted to make these observations in the present moment, we feel a certain allegiance and historical loyalty to looking after the citizenry on your planet. We feel this because of our interactions with you in the past and our eventual meetings with you in a future that you will achieve at some point.