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Moving Into the Age of Aquarius

Moving Into the Age of Aquarius All Being through Tony Neate

There has been so much written and spoken about the date December 21, 2012, indicating that humanity and all other forms of evolution on the planet can expect a massive influx of evolutionary consciousness to become available then. But while this is true, along with the light you can expect a much deeper level of shadow obstructing the psyche of humanity. My teaching stresses that nothing is predestined or predetermined— it is what you, the collective, make of it. The energies dispensed by the Godhead are always subservient to your free will—they cannot override this. So anything I say at this time is what could happen, not what will happen.

Nevertheless, I do observe that many patterns of the new energy being introduced in and around your Earth today are clashing with the patterns and blockages of the past. The cleansing process is being frustrated to such a critical extent that energies will inevitably continue to be thrown from within the Earth into the atmosphere, and this will result in more earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, and forest fires in 2012 and 2013.

The Call for Fundamental Change Is Sounding Throughout the World

I am not a consciousness that teaches that the light must extinguish the darkness because the two are essential parts of the whole. Nor do I teach that the shadow forces will, in 2012 or in the foreseeable future, bring about a major destruction of planet Earth, as some impatient people are prophesying. It is about the beginning of a new regime of understanding that moves beyond the need for corrupt control, and it will need leadership that is seeking to establish balance and harmony, not buying into the vested interests that wish to impose a culture of dominance based on greed.