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Living Outside the Doom and Gloom

Living Outside the Doom and Gloom Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Today I'll be speaking with you about living outside the doom and gloom. Mostly younger souls predict or buy into doom and gloom for 2012 and believe that Planet X, or Nibiru, will collide with Earth and destroy it. That will not happen. Remember the satellite that supposedly hit Earth all those thousands of years ago? It hit a planet all right, but it was not Earth. It was Mars. But it was not done intentionally, and it will not happen again. Those humans who have cellular memory of that event have joined the doom-and-gloomers because they lack the understanding that everything changes over time.

The doom and gloom about Planet X is just another gimmick to plant fear in the mass consciousness. Unlike the planets in your solar system, Planet X does not revolve around your Sun. It travels far outside this planetary system and then returns, and it is on its return now. Some say it will arrive in 2012. Planet X's energy field is similar to that of Earth's, so it will affect your atmosphere by disrupting your weather patterns—mudslides, floods, and so on—but it will not destroy your planet. If you live in one of the areas that experience flooding, mudslides, or other natural disasters, that is what you bought into when you came into this journey.

If you are sensitive to Earth changes, you will feel something in each of the approximately 70 trillion cells in your body. Each cell has an auric field, and if you push past the auric field and go inside the cell, you will find that each of the atoms has an auric field. So the feeling will be deep inside your cells. The etheric fabric that is your emotional body will be most sensitive to Planet X's energy. If you don't feel it first, you will have a clue that Planet X is in your atmosphere when you hear a lot about Earth eruptions and storms and see a lot of devastation. Planet X's energy is already pressing down on your Earth plane.