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Lighten Up: It's a Freewill Journey

Lighten Up: It's a Freewill Journey Simion through Amariah Mara

It is important, at this stage of growth, for your species on this planet to recognize that you are much greater in scope than you seem and that there are no right or wrong answers. There is only the matter of more or less awareness and the observance of consequences. You have the privilege of observing yourself progressing in a linear way so that you are able to make correlations based on your free will. In this physical dimension, you can see how your consciousness affects objects and events.

Your decisions are all displayed in full color before you every day. This is the grace of consciousness, which becomes more fulfilling as you raise your awareness of how your decisions fit into a larger interconnected universe. Physicality is a stage for the play of creation, and you have the ability to express yourself within it with awareness and freedom. This is the gift of self-awareness. Species that are less aware have fewer choices and do not recognize the consequences of their actions and thoughts. All consciousness is continuously in the process of evolving its awareness.

Beyond the Constructs of Good and Bad

The so-called knowledge of good and evil that your soul exposed itself to in the third dimension is actually the gift of free will. You have been given the awareness to make choices as to what you will experience in this life. This is a blessing. As your viewpoint widens, you realize that good and evil are nothing more than matters of perspective, and each can be changed into the other in a moment. More knowledge allows you to make better decisions for personal growth—not because something you choose is better or worse, but because you learn that anything can be transformed. This growth is about harnessing your ability as an aware being who makes decisions in creating your reality.