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A Library of Consciousness Stored in Ice

A Library of Consciousness Stored in Ice Wendy Zellea

Thanks to modern technology, evidence is currently surfacing that human civilizations existed here on Earth tens of thousands of years ago and earlier. This part of Earth's history is slow to be recognized and even slower to be accepted as possible, but the evidence cannot be denied. What we who are willing to embrace our ancient forefathers are learning is that advanced methods of healing had been developed using sacred geometry in the form of pyramids, ley lines, the natural electromagnetic grid lines of the Earth, underground water, and energies of extraterrestrial sources. Crystals were also used to store information and to intensify these natural energy sources, resulting in the amplification of healing spots on the planet.

The inhabitants of the Earth back then knew where the planet's organic energies were located and how to use them with pyramid technology to balance and restore well-being. Even today, the innate knowledge of the ability of the Earth to heal us is still known. For example, we go to water for recreation and to relax because water purifies and cleanses. There is more oxygen by the seashore as the waves break and the salt water draws toxins from our bodies. In addition, we go to power spots to experience an increased level of life-force energy.

Modern archeologists researching ancient sites have surmised that the old civilizations disappeared when ice caps melted and their cities were left under water. Some say, after examining core samples, that the climate change we are currently experiencing is only the beginning of a cooling trend and that the ice that is melting will cool the oceans.