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Immortal Knowledge of Souls' Union with the God-Source

Immortal Knowledge of Souls' Union with the God-Source Mother of Creation speaking from the Heart of Sophia through Judith K. Moore & Sean Sands

The Mother of Life receives you into her power. She is the Mother of Creation. I am Sophia. There is one principle in creation that illuminates grace. It is the consciousness of the order of light. It is a quality of energy that emanates from the heart source of the Mother of Life, the Mother of Creation, which is the Mother God-source.

Grace is not given and cannot be given. The grace in one's life cannot be given or bestowed on an individual as an initiation. Illuminant grace may only be received when the soul actualizes the vibration at the source of the consciousness of the Great Mother. The soul then drinks of light, partakes of this sacred Eucharist, and is no longer thirsty. The soul no longer is restless. It is filled with illumination and the eternal power of Source light. This is the reckoning of the purpose of the soul's existence.

The illumination of grace guides the soul home so that it may be absorbed by the God knowledge of infinite oneness. Your life is the purpose of this, and the Earth is ready now. The oversoul of humanity is ready because your heart has made you pure; you were created in purity.