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Honoring the Other Gods: Being and Reflecting Light

Honoring the Other Gods: Being and Reflecting Light The group through Steve Rother

As we step into this special year, the group gives us a glimpse into the future and the open door before us. This next year will be about harmony for all of us in one way or another. The best way to achieve harmony is to honor the other gods and empower those around you.

Greetings from home. It is a very magical time. Toward the end of your years, you celebrate in many different ways. You also have many of your completions at the end of this time as you begin to step into a new energy. Each one of you starts evaluating what you have just stepped out of or what you have just moved on from. We tell you that when you are moving forward, there is an aspect that can part all the seas for you and clear your path more easily than any other. That is what you are experiencing during these times: gratitude. It is the greatest creator that you have, for that is the energy that just creates in front of you even when you are not aware of it. That which you give thanks for increases every time, and that which you focus on automatically grows, for you are creators. You cannot not create. It is not possible. Yet you have incorporated different aspects of creation to remind yourself of your spirit. Often the decorations that you have around your holidays, such as the colors of Christmas, carry more significance than you may realize. Red and green seem to be used as Christmas colors all around the world, no matter the country or culture. Red is the color that humans believe represents the heart, but the heart chakra color is actually green. In reality, that blending of the humanness with the spirit is what this is all about. This is a time when you stop in your path and look at your experience on planet Earth—where you have been, where you are going, what your joys are, and what piece of that can become a little more comfortable as you step forward.

New Possibilities of Spiritual Creation

The times of 2012 have already happened in all of your dreams. What was going to take place on December 21, or whatever date you had in mind, has already been pulled forward. This is very typical of lightworkers. We tell you that something will happen on a certain date and you say, "No, we will have it happen now." You bring it forward, just as you have many times throughout your history, but we also tell you something else. In that vacancy of what you have pulled forward, you now have the capability to reach levels that were never dreamed of and that you never thought were possible. This is now possible not only because of the alignment of all of the energies in the cosmos, but because you have also created the vacuum. You have already received those aspects that you are ready to move in to and that you thought would come in to magically change your world. You have changed this world, and that is the beauty of what is going forward, for all of you are creators.