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Establishing the "New Current-cy"

Establishing the "New Current-cy" Divine Wisdom through Annie Botticelli

The old monetary system symbolized by currency is indeed toppling. Remember first and foremost that this is because your individual value systems are being transformed, and since you live in a holographic reality, what is inside is outside. So above, so below.

The idea of being in debt is something that you were set up to buy into—literally—from birth. Each person born is technically born in debt on all levels and spends his or her life trying to get out of it. This is the manifestation of the belief in original sin. But that was the way of times past. You are now cocreating a new way, a new "current-cy." The new currency is current-cy!

Debt Is Not Real

What is currency, after all, but simply a medium of exchange? There is nothing intrinsically wrong or right with money. It is, as with all things, what you individually and collectively project onto the idea of it—the manifestation of it, the experience of it—that makes it anything more than a medium of exchange.