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Clarity of Vision in the Year 2012

Clarity of Vision in the Year 2012 Vywamus through Sheila Simon

Welcome, my friends. This is Vywamus speaking. As we move into the new year, we are going to be feeling a push-pull effect from some energies wanting to accelerate and other energies needing to slow down and integrate on a deeper level of consciousness. This is a vital process for humanity to be going through right now. It is testing your resolve to stay focused on your goals, and patience is required.

This push-pull effect is moving into any fragments we are still holding on to concerning judgemental flows toward others and self. This gap needs to be closed by the end of the year 2012 so more peaceful states of being can be supported and implemented. Are you coming from a place of fear with this rhythm, or are you staying on a steady course of working toward a goal and allowing yourself to be flexible with all of the changes that keep presenting themselves?

This next year will be full of challenges, but if you visualize yourself as a tree growing roots into Mother Earth and your branches going out into the universal consciousness, then you will not only be helping to stabilize yourself but also supporting Mother Earth in stabilizing her magnetic poles. There is very little time left for the past expressions of self to support your movement into the future. In fact, memories of the past will begin to feel like they are evaporating from your memory banks and only the present moment will be there for you to totally focus on. This will have a calming effect on all of you, very much like taking a sedative, so other nonphysical beings and I can recalibrate all aspects of self during these planetary alignments.