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Adapting to Zero-Point Energy in and Beyond 2012

Adapting to Zero-Point Energy in and Beyond 2012 Tuesday May Thomas

A momentous shift is occurring for the inhabitants of Earth. There is now a quickening of information stemming from a black hole at the center of our galaxy. Planets within our solar system are lining up like ducks in a row with this black hole, and they will reach a rare galactic alignment not experienced for 25,000 years.

This planetary alignment re-encodes our cosmic supply of prana, or universal life force, as it distributes direct waves of zero-point energy to all things and beings everywhere. This current immersion in zero-point energy has the potential to cause advanced DNA activation within the human body. Our life-giving building blocks of DNA are like tiny Rubik's cubes, clicking into and out of different codes of alignment over time and allowing us to adapt to an infinite number of universal environments.

Encoded zero-point information is currently embossing itself onto the rays of the sun, projecting imprints and new codes of information through universal grid lines of consciousness. This influence affects planetary ley lines and the magnetic poles within all planets. In due course, this zero-point energy continues flowing into the meridian lines of our bodies and through the magnetic poles and crystals within our blood cells, and its signals are received by our DNA. Advanced DNA activation becomes perceptible as we learn to adapt with this new surge of zero-point energy emanating from the center of the galaxy.