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We Offer You a Golden Opportunity

We Offer You a Golden Opportunity Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, once again we—the messengers and servants of our Father/Mother God—sound the clarion call for all the mighty forces comprising the legions of light to come forth and unite. You who have been scattered throughout the universe over these many past ages are now gathered here on the blessed planet Earth to assist in the birth of a new age and a new reality.

You have created and built a sense of separation, giving your power to those who gained strength by dividing and conquering. That time has passed, dear ones! It is time to claim mastery over your lower nature and then begin the process of reuniting with all the myriad parts of yourself as a harmonious, loving vehicle of light. You must reestablish communion with the harmony of your mental body. You must return to the realization that stored within your brain structure is a fully functioning, perfect unit of wisdom and power that is called your sacred mind.