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The Power of the Living Grail

The Power of the Living Grail Mary Magdalene through Judith K. Moore

From the channel: I feel it is important to share with the reader a bit about my personal journey as a messenger of Mary Magdalene and my personal quest for the Holy Grail. My visions of Jesus and Mary Magdalene began in the mid-1990s. At that time, I was interviewed by a deacon of the Episcopal church and told I was having an authentic Christian mystical experience. In 1998 I had a powerful vision of Mary Magdalene entombed with Jesus after he was taken from the cross and before the resurrection. The vision revealed that she was the first stigmata, as she embodied his wounds and God lifted them from her. Years ago I made the connection that I was one of the women with the grail DNA. My grandfather from Scotland lived ten miles from the Rosalyn Chapel. I know the power of the grail is universal. Mary Magdalene has told me that each of her messengers carry a powerful alchemical role in the lifting of the "veil."

Over the years I have done hundreds of readings that revealed the secrets of the lives of the people who surrounded Jesus and Mary Magdalene. These are the forgotten stories of the mystery of the group of souls surrounding this miracle for humanity. These are the revelations that I believe are part of the deeper secrets of the Holy Grail.