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The Power of Light and the Nature of Angels

The Power of Light and the Nature of Angels Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings, I am Metatron, lord of light. We encompass each of you in a field of unconditional love within coded light. We nurture and honor you— we know you by name. And so we speak on the nature of light and the angelic beings of light.

Currently humanity is entering an expansive stage of extradimensional and intradimensional access. This is due in no small part to the galactic positioning of Earth at this time that humankind refers to as the ascension. Earth and the Milky Way galaxy—as we have shared in earlier assays—have entered an extreme illumination cycle, a "nospin zone" that casts no shadows. Its effusive influence is to place cognition in first position—an extreme thinning of the veil, so to speak. Cosmic forces unique to the present planetary ascension now oversee a magnification of dimensional reality overlap.