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Own Your Choices and Honor Those of Others

Own Your Choices and Honor Those of Others The Novenian Masters through Nanci Paluzzi

Greetings! It is our pleasure to be with you in this new moment of your day. We will take this opportunity to speak with you about the transformation that is now occurring within your world. There are many changes that are measurable and many that are unseen beneath the surface, changes within the hearts and minds of humanity that cause the outward changes. You are experiencing changes in weather patterns due to global warming, environmental changes, and developments in technology and science as new information is brought forth, and you are seeing changes in the financial and political structures as your world seeks resolution and begins to move toward unity.

There will be more changes within the medical systems, educational systems, and social structure as human rights are addressed and viewpoints reevaluated. Everywhere you look you see change occurring. Earth is rapidly changing. That is an obvious fact, and you ask: Why is Earth changing? How is Earth changing? What will be the outcome of these changes? How will the changes affect our world? What is to become of us and our beloved planet?