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This Is a Light Intervention

This Is a Light Intervention The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from Home. This day ranks among the top, for many of you have changed your energy entirely. You have stopped the busy hustle of your own lives for just a moment to revel in the past and to re-member all the beauty you have experienced, then turned around and raised your expectations for the future. These expectations are creating your future right now. They are determining your path everywhere you go; they are setting aside opportunities for you to experience everything you wanted to in this physical bubble of biology.

We would like you to take a deep breath—an Earth breath into a physical body—for just a moment and simply allow yourself to be here in this moment right now. With all of the anticipation of what will be, it is very easy for humans to drop into their past or project themselves into the future. Only one of those three—past, present and future—is real. That is right now. Your memories of the past are very real, but you cannot live in them. Your expectations of the future are very real and important, but you cannot live in them either. You can live here right now and blend the three. We ask you to try not to live only in the present time, for that will become very challenging.