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Health and Wellness in the Human Body

Health and Wellness in the Human Body Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

The subject to be considered this day is the body, but I tell you now at the outset that you do not know what the gift of body is. In fact, the body is a very vast energy system, and in its own way— though you do not see it this way—it is as vast as the soul.

Although each of you has a body—possesses one or is possessed by one, as the case may be—most of you do not have an intimate relationship with your body because you do not recognize what it is or how it is truly connected to you. Likewise, you have a soul and a relationship with your soul, but it is also a little bit remote. Most believe that in their way, they will return to their souls or their soul's presence when their embodied time on Earth is complete. Or they believe that their souls are deeply connected to them now but that they sit somewhat back, observing the process, observing how well they live out their purpose or creativity, only stepping in here and there when asked for great support or during times of great stress or challenge.