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The Gift of Life: A New Phase Opens in Your Creation

The Gift of Life: A New Phase Opens in Your Creation The Nameless One through Piama Gilbert & Nyima Tenzin

There was a moment in what would feel like eons ago that you were free and light and full of wonder— a moment when you danced in the love of this creation. A tender and brilliant radiance flowed through the fabric of everything you tasted, and you opened to it again and again, drinking in the deliciousness of life. Your breath was full, and as you breathed, you moved with the breath of this creation—two breaths as one breath—and in this way, your journey unfolded.

Two vast beings existed to support you, for the dance of their love was the gift to your journey. Of these two, the first offered his profound brilliance to the creation; he created for you the exquisite tapestry of your existence, designing possibilities that glistened and called to you, celebrating all you might become. Through the intensity of his brilliance, his love flowed as softly and tenderly as a child's breath, and you felt him within you and were inspired.