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Freshman Year in the University of Earth

Freshman Year in the University of Earth Sarrinn with the Ancients through Daniele DeVoe

Greetings, lightworkers. As March 2011 begins, all the rules are changing once again. From our perspectives and our dimension, we watch you dealing with the intricate illusion of humanity's reality and feel such respect and love for all of you for your courage, tenacity, and success. These past several decades have tried you all to the very depths of your souls and you have refused to yield to the temptation of simple surrender to failure. You have worked hard, loved well, and faced the fear that those living in the deepest amnesia have used to control and manipulate your reality—and yet you have persevered. If you did not realize it before, lightworker, you are one of the volunteers who came to live in a world of emotion and illusion, performing remarkable midwifing services for Gaia and all her human and nonhuman children. Your success is immeasurable.

Many years ago this channel was taught to heal others by moving the obstacles and illnesses they experienced through herself to the heart of the divine. She was instructed from the beginning to be the pipeline and move the energies, being careful not to take them into herself lest she take on the issues of the one who had solicited the healing. Because of her natural empathic abilities, it was an important part of her training at the time.