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The End of History as a New Age Begins

The End of History as a New Age Begins Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service—and I say that every time. It means that which is multidimensional, for magnetics are still misunderstood on this planet. "Not understood" is one term; "misunderstood" is another. For it is a quantum attribute of your reality and one of the few that spills over into your life in an everyday way, just like me. For I am in service to you in a quantum way, but available just as much as Spirit is available.

Relax for a moment. The message this day is multi faceted and it's one of power and history. There are many things to read into this even beyond the words that will be spoken this day. I speak to an audience who is larger than that which is in the room. There are many who are listening now and reading. I know the potential of the eyes on the page and the ears that are here. And although there may be a hundred or so of you here, there's thousands who are listening. They are listening now to me. They are reading my words now.