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Create Your Tomorrow

Create Your Tomorrow Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

I, Kuthumi, come forward again in unity, for in the ethers we share, we are part of one—moving, flowing, and creating. But first let us speak of what you have left behind. What cycles have you completed in the previous year with friends and loved ones? I tell you that you cannot cling to loved ones. No, you cannot bind them tight, even with love. They must be free, as you must be free also. Free to choose, to speak, to act, to learn, and to grow. To bind your love so tightly around another is a love based on fear and insecurity. It is a conditional form of love. This is not the love we speak of. The love we speak of is unconditional and allows for freedom of thought and action.

Over your previous two months, many changes have entered your lives. The energy of the ethers has changed yet again, encouraging more hearts to open and encouraging dreams to be dreamed and fulfilled. Throughout this pivotal year, the energies of the ethers will continue to increase. Many more will open to the light, to peace, and to oneness in that essence of pure light. As this occurs, many will feel the desire to make changes in their lives as they begin to create a way of thinking, being, and living. They begin to create their tomorrows from their dreams and desires for a new way forward in light.