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The Breath of Time

The Breath of Time mar de luz

The desert will bloom and bloom hard this year and continue to stir and grow," she said. "Your children will usher in a new generation of peace and wonder. Stay tuned and stay awake—it's going to take all you've got just to hang on. It's time to initiate whatever it is that you need to do and do it now, because whatever can happen probably will." "Time is of the essence," she said, "and there's none of it to waste. We have crossed the threshold."

She then explained that we will, individually, awaken from a deep, deep sleep—one in which our short-term memories will recede and our long-term memories will begin to return. "We are now many old souls who have traveled across the waters. We are waves breaking against the shore that will not stay within their boundaries. Earth is restless, and there is much moving and swaying in her belly. Better get about your work," she stressed, "2011 looks like a real kicker."