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On Being the Gardener of Your Desires

On Being the Gardener of Your Desires The Beloved through Kenton David Bell

Good afternoon, good afternoon. We are allowing our channel to adjust in a new way here, and we are coming through differently. We can feel those gathering to receive this information. Even though they are not here in this physical presence, this physical space, you might say that there is a great hall here in which we are speaking and in which a gathering is occurring. It is a gathering of many who are gathering from many distant places. From many spots, they come to this great hall in order to learn, in order to remember, and in order to remember who they are.

It is a bit of adjustment here as our channel watches the process once again; there is something different in the process that is being interpreted a specific way, and that is about largeness and grandness of the process. You see, when the veil is crossed from where we are into the physical and the channel can witness the grandness of spirit coming through from the other side, it is beyond his wildest dreams, beyond his wildest memories, you see.