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Awareness as the First Step of Deliberate Ascension

Awareness as the First Step of Deliberate Ascension The Lullites through Vera Nadine Boinn

We are the Lullites. We wish you to know the benefits and the purpose of ascension in your daily lives. The benefits of ascension are too numerous to be able to explain them all at once with any deftness. You will, of course, be able to change your physical forms. By that we mean that you will be able to deliberately rearrange your DNA, to exercise your muscles with your mind, to beautify your skin and your hair, and to repair damages in the cells of your heart, your bones, your brain, and your eyes.

This is the highest form that physical ascended beings can take, those who can alter themselves at the deepest core of their physical forms simply through the power of intention and the vibration of their thoughts. It is many generations away from where you are now. Yet in your daily lives, by living in line with your highest sacredness, your greatest divinity, you are walking the steps that will lead to this new form of humanity, and you will see its benefits in your own lives.