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Ask the Angels: Ask to Be of Service to God

Ask the Angels: Ask to Be of Service to God Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Will I be with the man I fell in love with after I die and go to heaven? Was he my soul mate? I always felt that relationship was magical, but he broke my heart.

— Marla, Palo Alto, CA

From the angels: A love on Earth is only one love in many lifetimes. The feelings are the same. The intensities experienced are the same. The heartbreak is the same. The soul’s true love is not known until one enters the heavens after the body dies. This is known by the feelings in the soul from many lifetimes.

When a soul’s true love is encountered in the heavens, more bliss than can be explained will be felt. This might be a love in this life or not. Most souls usually follow their life paths, but free will can take precedence over what has been preplanned with the souls’ angels before birth on Earth. When the life path is followed, the soul will be joyous. This is not the purpose of this life. Growth to God is the purpose of this life.