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You Are Responsible for Living Your Purpose

You Are Responsible for Living Your Purpose Hilarion through Lisa Holloway

Beloved readers, it is a pleasure to speak with you once again through this channel. Please understand that time is an aspect of life on Earth and is not experienced the same way beyond the physical world. You are awake at all times whether or not your body is asleep, and you are busy in multiple dimensions — some more than others — as you contemplate your existence here on Earth. Understand that you know far more than you are aware of. This means that not only are there multiple dimensions but also multiple consciousnesses that exist at all times in those dimensions.

So you are not trapped, so to speak, in your body. You are not relegated to the physical world and all that is around you. Earth is not the only playground that you experience. In fact, you are multidimensional and interdimensional to one degree or another, and you are aware of this on a subconscious and sometimes conscious level. You have never belonged to Earth; instead, it belongs to you at this juncture of your journey through the byways of your soul’s critical path toward enlightenment. On an increasingly conscious level, you know your true path. Seen and unseen teachers can open doors and windows, but you are responsible for living your purpose