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You Are Essential to This World

You Are Essential to This World Angel Ariel through Adria Estribou

You are bursting forth into something brand-new. It’s as if the world had never existed before, and you are writing it. For each flower blossom, that is the case: It’s coming out new. It doesn’t have the impressions of any old spring or anything in the past. It doesn’t have hopes that are based on failure. Many times a hope that you have is discounted or covered over. Sometimes you just take a gulp and go forward anyway: “When I did this before I failed. But once I didn’t. So let’s hope this one is a go.” It’s a very human way of looking at being seen, at being heard, right? You might think, “This could be a big failure.” There’s a lot of fear associated with coming out into the world.

Humanity collectively is at a frequency level that allows you to “hear” each other energetically. Tuning in to the collective nature of humanity is something new. You have been sharing Earth for these many centuries with other humans, but this way of being interconnected (and intraconnected) is new.