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You Are All One

You Are All One Ancient One through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Ancient One, and I come forth to speak with you. I’m not speaking about what is going on in the external world because you know all about that. You know that there is terrific turmoil, but there are also light beings who are doing their best to hold the truth of who they are and refusing to get their thinking minds and spirits into the battle that’s occurring on Earth. You know all about that already, don’t you? So let’s just talk about you and what’s going on inside, because there are many, many teachings. And while you’re trying hard, then what’s the answer? The answer is not that you are failing.

The answer is perhaps that it is not for you; there’s something else that’s calling you. I, Ancient One, encourage you to question this. When something doesn’t seem to work for you, you might want to say, “This isn’t working for me,” and then find something else. And you can keep searching for the something else, or you can sit quietly and ask your inner guidance, “What is for me?” Now, if you have a goal of opening to your highest, most expanded consciousness for the purpose of expanding your spiritual journey, that’s a wonderful purpose. How do you do that? That’s a real question, isn’t it?