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We Will Live in Heaven on Earth

We Will Live in Heaven on Earth Incarnate Souls of Love through Thelma Bodnar

Greetings from all of us who chose this moment to converse with you. Whether you align yourselves with us or not, we are ever present in your life. We watch, we wait, and we encourage from the sidelines though you may be unaware. We listen to your words, the callings of your heart, and your soul song as you try to merge all three.

Then there is your ego, which is ever present, taunting and reminding you of events. The ego believes those past events can happen the same way again this time around. But will they? The energies have moved on, you have changed, and your frequencies have been manipulated by many factors. So, no, the things that happened before can’t happen again in the way you remember them or the way that the ego says they will happen.