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We Are Paramount for Earth’s Healing

We Are Paramount for Earth’s Healing Inspired Guidance through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We hold a powerful piece of the puzzle of light for Earth. Our stay here is precious to the universe and paramount for Earth’s healing. We should never take ourselves for granted. For granite, we already are as the very healing, protective mountains of Earth. We are totally loved.

In this time of the great shift, it is exhausting to try to be more as we teeter on the edge of a slippery cliff with our old selves, holding on for dear life to the roots of the past. Christ himself sits on the edge of his seat of light, applauding and cheering on the children of light. He urges us to go past the limitations of Earth time and circumstance. Like a cosmic coach, the Christ light gives us the hand signals for the plays to come. The cosmic coach must sit on the sidelines and assist from a distance like a commander of light giving instructions and insights into what each soul desires to become and do.