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Truth and Wisdom Flow into Earth

Truth and Wisdom Flow into Earth The Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

During all of June 2022, Saturn in Aquarius will square with the Moon’s nodes. The south node in Scorpio deals with past issues associated with fear, secrets, hidden or buried things, situations or information, and a lack of awareness in which one deludes or creates illusions with the self, others, or the world at large. Those who allow themselves to be deluded or accept illusions of wishful thinking, ignoring the reality as it truly is, will find that various challenges arise to facilitate the illumination and harmonization of the soul-heart’s destiny with the truth of the cosmos.

This is a time of discovering a space, place, and beingness of harmony within and without in regard to one’s hopes, dreams, and desires in relation to what is actually possible in current situations and what must be changed, transmuted, or allowed to die away in order for the soul-heart’s true destiny and desire to manifest. In so doing, one becomes fully aligned with the figure-eight flow of balanced reciprocity, particularly in relation to the 3D in the areas of community, creation, and manifestation in cooperation with others, the environment, and the world at large.