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Show the World That You Matter

Show the World That You Matter The Circle through Carlos Rubio

Today is your gift, and right now you are the gift. The act of being here is a present you give yourself; it is a sign to the universe that you matter and care for yourself and that you plan to stick to your promise to make changes.

Let us be here in devotion of that flame each of you has within — the spark of God, the universe, the Creative Impulse — that animates you, inspires you, and guides you. This message is something that you can know yourself. It reflects the things that you can potentially hear when you allow yourself to sit and be receptive, allowing whatever needs to surface to come to you. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to exist, a time for prayer. Every moment is ready to be blessed, and it is in blessing the moment that you end up blessing yourself. It is in blessing others that you bless yourself. It is in blessing your challenges that you end up understanding that the solution is already within you and around you.