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Share Your Light

Share Your Light Observer and the Keeper of Time through Steve Rother

Observer: Greetings, dear ones. I am Observer, and I join you with great pride, for your world is changing. Every moment and every breath that you take brings a new opportunity of light, a new expression. It is one that you probably haven’t seen before. Yes, we know it’s difficult to move into the darkness, not being able to see where you are. But we also tell you, you’re well guided. Each of you has an internal guidance system that is incredibly finely tuned. The hard part is that first you must let go in order to fully engage the system. You can do that now, especially since you are here among family.

Take a breath, dear ones, and release all of it right now. Release all the challenges and difficulties that you’ve been working with today. You can pick them back up in a few moments, but right now, find your core energy. And now feel a smile moving to your face. Take a deep breath, and release it very slowly. Excellent. Energetically, reach out your hands. Perfect, now let’s get to work.