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A Request for Loving Action

A Request for Loving Action Adironnda and the Council of Light through Marilyn Harper

Marilyn: I was listening to a gentle messenger the other day. This man was previously a Methodist minister who has transitioned into a position as a Unity teacher. He spoke of something that he had heard in the news: 87 percent of the people of North America (and maybe the planet) were feeling overwhelmed with stress. And he continued to say, “It was the first time so many people agreed on anything.”1 We all chuckled.

It is true; our differences seemingly define us, and at the same time, they stress out our lives, decisions, and presence here on Earth. I just wonder why. Why must people become so attached to their differences and pain and, yes, their stress? I am struggling with the challenges the ego places between countries. I truly hope that by the time you are reading this that the violence between Ukraine and Russia has de-escalated and transformed into peace, understanding, and equality for all. I now turn to Adironnda and the Council of Light