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Open to Heart Resonance

Open to Heart Resonance The Great Wisdom through Judith K. Moore

Within the master realms, there are nine levels of essence and form. They are the essential energies that form reality from the essence of creation. When reality is attuned to these essential energies, there is a flow of divine synchronization that mirrors reality as a connection to the divine manifestation of existence.

They form three trinities, which are called the trine of creation. The first trinity is vibration, frequency, and essence. Attunement to the first trinity is essential for the soul to receive light from creation. The second trinity brings the essence of the light of creation into form. The second trinity is cohesion, resonance, and harmonics. This is the archetypal force of creation that is the key to the reality, cocreation, and manifestation of essence. The third trinity is sacred geometry, divinity, and the architecture of reality. This is the key to physical reality as an expression of oneness.