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Old Systems Fall Away to Give Birth to the New

Old Systems Fall Away to Give Birth to the New Lynn Buess

The numerical focus in June is on loss, the reexamination of life’s values, and the falling away of old systems to give birth to the new. The fear-based global control mechanism long in place is being revealed to a growing number of souls who see the light. The exposure of the unjust, unlawful, and uncouth expands now into an exponential growth rate. The slumbering of humanity lessens as the number of awakening people reaches an important juncture of critical mass. As enough of the population asks questions, it makes it increasingly difficult for perpetrators to hide in the nooks and crannies of darkness.

In particular, the Great Fear of 2021 becomes seen for just what it was. Over the coming months and years, many of the perpetrators and participants will receive due process. The extraction debt-based financial and banking system, which has picked every pocket of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, will give way to a more meritorious, universal system. This will not happen overnight, but it will happen within a reasonable time frame of restructuring. Revelations related to due process legal action become known as the massively corrupt legal system is cleansed and corrected.