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New Ascension Chakras and the 980nm Light

New Ascension Chakras and the 980nm Light The Ascended Masters through Astaria Seraphina & Jim Ohneck

As a mystic, who is one who uses the third eye (which can see up into the fifth dimension, as it is the dawning of the fifth dimension) rather than the physical eyes of earthlings, what I share with you here is more theoretical seership/research and inner knowing than direct book knowledge or 3D science. As we are dealing with a rarefied energy light field matrix called the 980nm (nanometer) degree of light frequency, which is the Epoch Laser wave-length, these are the worlds of the ascended masters.

In the 3D, everything is solid. In 5D, everything is composed of light. Ascended masters know that separate realities exist alongside each other in a different time and place, yet all are together with varying possible realities. Here we also see our souls as part of an infinite array of souls as our soul families. This is where the light can penetrate dimensions, and a 5D ascended master can heal using the light