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Love Lives in the Heart

Love Lives in the Heart Heather Robb

Tom is the best gardener we have ever had. His love for our plants and how he tends them reminded me of a loving father looking after his children. But I discovered there was so much more to him. Talking to him was like peeling off the layers of an onion, as each layer revealed something new. He was a soft-spoken and reflective young man with a ready smile who exuded great peace. I felt his presence was a gift to us too, as he brought so much love and joy. Even our plants seem to lean into his touch, and more than once as he cradled a simple daisy, I heard him say, “Hello, beautiful!”

One day as we sat companionably over a cup of tea in my garden, and the sun was shining between the leaves of the trailing wisteria above us, creating a play of light that danced around us. I felt an intimacy about this place. It was safe and nurturing, and I decided to ask Tom about his life. I was moved by his ease and love of the natural environment, and for one so young, I felt he exuded great peace. Was it my imagination to say I felt I sat with a holy man?