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Harness and Alleviate the Pain in the World

Harness and Alleviate the Pain in the World Lazaris through Jach Pursel

For many years, we have talked about the turmoil in your world. We have talked about the turbulence and violence and how they are both increasing in intensity and deepening in their expressions. We’ve talked of the core crises of humankind for many years now as well: the crises of dignity, character, vision, and vitality. These crises are so present in the turbulence and sadly present in the violence.1

We have also spoken about what we liken to a riptide — the undercurrents — in your world: the lack of vision, the waning of wisdom, the collapse of imagination replaced by polarization in the world (not just in your country), the drought of new dreams, a sense of alienation, a lack of dignity, and the tremendous sense of not belonging, along with the dogma that has increasingly replaced dialogue. And in the mix of it all is an increasing lack of compassion.