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The Goodlife Is Waiting for You

The Goodlife Is Waiting for You Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

All right, this is Zoosh.

Hey, welcome.

In these perilous times, there’s a strong separation among peoples. Some are trying to heighten that separation to create a class of people in their group that they basically refer to as the good guys, all right. And then, they pick “this” group or “that” group to call the bad guys, okay. This is essentially a pocket definition of history.

The trouble with such things, aside from all the madness and mayhem it can lead to, is that it tends to perpetuate itself. After a while, human beings of all sorts become cynical, expecting that type of thing. Therefore, when your friend or loved one begins espousing the “good guy/bad guy” thing, you might have a kind of cynical humor toward them.