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Glimpses of Other Realities

Glimpses of Other Realities The Collective Soul Consciousness through Carolyn Gervais

Collective Soul Consciousness: How life shows up has to do with how people see themselves, their lives, and their versions of a creative force. Your so-called earthly game has a way of opening people to other aspects of themselves as they journey on a physical path. Living in human form, however, can cause people to gradually forget some or even all they are on a soul level.

Through the course of linear time, humans tend to lose the memory of their higher levels, losing touch with the nature of their souls. However, the human soul and free will give all kinds of experiences to live in and through, including what some call alternate realities, parallel lives, or both. Many have also had what could be called time distortions in their lives. These experiences are an opportunity to understand that what you call life is not always predictable, ordinary, or even possible within the realm of “normal” reality.