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Akashic Answers

Akashic Answers Amanda Romania

Blessings from Sedona. This month I will answer some questions related to the akashic records that are connected to health and healing.

For several months now, I have had pains in my upper shoulder. I have tried so many things, including visiting medical specialists, but no one seems to know how to relieve my pain. I then underwent hypnotherapy, and during the session, I began to have a past-life memory. I saw myself as a man in thirteenth-century Europe going into battle and losing my arm. I was shocked that I felt so much pain in my shoulder, but my hypnotherapist guided me through a death and forgiveness exercise, and the pain began to dull. After a few weeks, the pain began to subside. I now have very little pain. What do my akashic records show? — Neville, Kentucky