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The Subtle Energy World

The Subtle Energy World Charles Shahar

It is important to structure the environment in a way that noises are not constantly intruding on your personal space. This is especially true if your normal resistance is down and the natural protective layers of the aura are weak. When you are tired or ill, for instance, such protective mechanisms are less functional; your aura is more porous. The same is true when you are stressed out or after you’ve done a food fast. In such cases, too much noise will create a situation in which your energy system can get frazzled and overloaded.

The most direct way to protect your personal space from unwanted noise is through insulation. If you move into an apartment, make sure that the walls are thick so that the energy of the sounds around you will not pass through. Thicker walls made of concrete will ensure that sounds are prevented from entering your space and that subtle vibrations will not easily transfer into your home along with the noise. A room where there are constant sounds of traffic will have a very scattered sense about it, so it is not a good idea to live near a busy street or highway.