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The Precipice of Another Great Spiritual Renaissance

The Precipice of Another Great Spiritual Renaissance Lynn Buess

A lot of issues this month have to do with duality as well as the universal dance of the tension and reconciliation of opposites: good/bad, light/dark, divine/human, yin/yang, masculine/feminine, left/right, fascist/ communist, free/slave, truth/lie, and so on. The events of the past year have created divided issues among the population in segments of society throughout the world.

The continued increase in high-frequency vibrations has initiated growing global, spiritual, and religious searches among the masses. The higher light is shining, reaching into the crevices of darkness and stimulating those who hide and flourish there. Truth seekers see more of the light, and those who hide in evil darkness become increasingly frantic with the thought of becoming exposed. Devilish souls attack those who are pure of heart more loudly and vehemently.