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Ask Sara

Ask Sara Sara Wiseman

Just before waking from sleep, I had a split-second vision of someone I’d seen a few times on a TV show, and I felt compelled to research him. Two weeks later, I felt that we were telepathically connected, and I had a sense of precognition. After feeling overwhelmed by it, like a whoosh, that night I experienced a voice that said, “You’re supposed to be with this person, and he needs to know.” I instantly felt as if the Sun was glowing inside me, and I felt strangely giddy. I’d never experienced anything so magical and mind-blowing, and I’ve had many psychic “knowings” since then. As for him “needing to know,”

I’ve never felt comfortable telling him directly, mostly because he’s a celebrity and would probably think I’m a stalker. Since I wasn’t really aware of him before this, I certainly don’t qualify as a crazed fan. I’ve mostly developed contented peace and patience toward the situation with a matter-of-fact knowing (and zero proof) of our connection. Do you have any advice? — Tristan