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You Are the Purpose You Were Sent Here For

You Are the Purpose You Were Sent Here For Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

The Goddess is love and made of love to fill you with love, give you love, surround you with love, and help you create with love. How do you create a world filled with love? You become a goddess, where everything you are, do, and say is love-based. When you awaken, you think of love and send it out to all. When you get in your car, you send love to everyone around you. When you go to work, you surround your workplace with love.

The stream of Goddess love surrounds you. If you think the word “love,” it goes to all around you, wherever you are. On the New Earth, you are love. As you go about your day, you leave great trails of love around you. When you think of a place, it automatically receives your love. If you think of a person, that person automatically fills with your love.

This is your mission and your purpose, and it can be done without doing anything different than you normally do. Of course, we welcome you to do the extraordinary or branch out from your usual ways, but that is not necessary. You are love, and love streams from you every minute of every day, whether you are asleep or awake.