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Wake Up the Light

Wake Up the Light The Collective Soul Consciousness through Carolyn Gervais

Dear ones, the collective consciousness on Earth/Gaia is now working to deepen the emotions of human compassion so that you can continue to bring the sensitivity and empathy of the human heart to the surface, even for seemingly helpless strangers. The world has lacked this heart connection in so many areas of life.

At this time in the history of your world, you and your fellow humans are creating new courses of action for yourselves and for your Earth, on conscious and unconscious levels. An unpredictable span of time will look and feel hopeless and dark, but it will pass as your inner light absorbs the dark energy. Your conscious awareness of the heart takes you to dark experiences you still hold deep inside, and it brings them to the surface for your growing inner wisdom and light to heal and disperse.

Fear and terror on Earth can make it feel that humanity is coming to an end. That fear is there to remind you what has brought this heinous disease and death to your world. At some point, the people in your previous lives have played parts in what is taking place in 2020. But don’t believe for one second that those who will die are the evil ones; they are the angels who came to Earth to die at this time.